M A T T A N G • Publication
2021 - Editorial design

Pictographies relatives • Convention for an abstraction
2018 - Editorial design + installation

Forms of the pictographic language's universality • A paradoxical fantasy
2017 - Master thesis

2018 - Identity

Lithographic printing • Babel

Visual arts center in region Grand-Est
2021 - Identity

Porto International Design Biennale 2019
2017 - Identity + signage

Immediate boarding

Edition biennale in Strasbourg

Studio AA's partnership

The writing square's authority
Editorial design

Archeology from the web • Rebuilding a Ghaznavid minaret

About smart cities disconnect
Poster design

Filming places professionnal fair singular/plural places
Poster design

Digital asylum • Southern hemerasylia

Architectural mapping • Le Corbusier's work
Editorial design + installation

Editorial mapping • Places from the old testament
Editorial design

An outlook of Brazil • travel photography